Welcome! My name is Jonathan Thompson and I started this site so that I would have someplace to deposit all those pieces of media that I come across every day in my work.  I am fascinated by those projects, products, pieces of content, images, videos, audio files, etc that are the building blocks of the posts I write. For the most part I am 'professional' blogger on contract with the UN in Rome. One of the projects I am shepherding can be viewed here: http://blog.wfplogistics.org The site which I have put most of my energy into is here: http://aidworkerdaily.com While I work on a variety of other systems and platforms (portals, etc.) my first love is really the process of excavating and developing the raw content which resides deep within various agencies, departments, field teams, sources, etc. I love to scour around for just the right image, video clip, internal news item, etc and then develop it into a captivating and hopefully inspiring story.  Whether it is short and pithy or drawn out and technical I always try to make it attractive to the reader and relevant to other current events. I have found that many people have no idea what makes a great story.  They spend their lives doing the world's most incredible jobs yet for them it is just an every day event. Who would be interested in the dropping of 50kgs of food out of the back end of a ex-Soviet Ilyushin transport plane somewhere in the remote deserts of Africa? It turns out a lot of people are interested those stories.  The trick is finding them and getting them out of the field and then developing them. Thankfully, most of the people I work with are incredibly proud of what they do, as is just about anyone who works a 9-5 shift, and their pride makes my job that much easier. When you get a chance to sit down with a living legend and ask them questions about 20 years in the field you realize that you are really just seeing the tip of the iceberg.  Those same stories are walking all around us all the time yet we seem to forget they're there or that someone wants to actually hear them. Every business has incredible stories buried deep within and often times those are the bits that people/clients are most interested. Today, people are more interested in who is selling the product and not so much in the product itself. The media contained in the posts on the front page of this blog are what I refer to as elements.  They are the fundamental components of any blog post, Tweet, Facebook post, etc.  They are what we hammer into stories and then release to the wild where people barter and trade them social currency. The richer the elements are the more bang for your buck you can get out of the story, post, etc.  For me, content is king. Platforms (Drupal vs Wordpress) are critical but they are just the foundation on which you build the house. Without good quality materials and skilled craftsmanship you can easily end up with a double-wide in an empty lot. Companies, orgs, etc, need rich content now more than ever.  They also need a skilled craftsman to humanize their stories, strip them down, build them up and then release into the social stream at just the right moment. Call it what you will - social media, new media, etc - it is still just the process of telling an honest story and then having a discussion about it. I went to a great school where I got to spend many hours with incredibly intelligent people and talk about some absolutely amazing ideas. I think all those hours of talking with my classmates and learning the skills necessary to effectively argue a point helped me to get to the place I am at today. Knowing how to talk to people and especially how to listen is the key to being a good blogger. The better you are at listening to a conversation the easier it is for you to deliver your message in a way that that people will want to hear it. Sure, all the SEO stuff is important but this is the era of the conversation and your audience is now listening. I also had the opportunity to work on, over the span of 10 years, both Marlboro and Wells Fargo ad campaigns as an assistant, editor and on a few occasions a shooter. I've worked with both stills and film and find both equally fascinating. More recently I had the opportunity to help a green start-up in San Francisco score a Best Clean Tech Startup Crunchie. Lastly, I used Twitter to land a live interview on BBC World News after the l'Aquila, Italy shook me awake a few months ago. Guy Kawasaki added Aid Worker Daily to Alltop last year and my articles have been picked up by The New York Times The Lede, WIRED's Danger Room, O'Reilly Radar and a few others. Please enjoy the few posts I have up.  I think they are some great pieces, stuff I'd love to work with if I had the time, that really resonate with something deep inside of me.  They are saturated, appealing, engaging and totally stripped of any framework but they still stand on their own. So many stories can be captured in much the same way. Drop me a line at the email address below, leave a comment or suggest a piece to add to the collection. Let's see what we can make. Oh yeah, why 'Fog City'? Because I was raised in the most beautiful city in the world - San Francisco. Thanks for stopping by! Jon Thompson fogcitymediablog@gmail.com Sites I am currently involved with: Fog City Media Aid Worker Daily World Food Programme (WFP) WFP Logistics Blog WFP Logistics Portal

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